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Cost management

We provide detailed and realistic calculations of construction and planning costs at an early stage of the project as a detailed elementised cost estimate.

With a transparent, continuous cost update in the planning process and a structured change management system, we consistently monitor cost development throughout the entire project.

In the case of budget overruns, we identify potential savings while respecting and maintaining architectural quality.

Continuously updated cost control during the construction period based on the award budgets is database-driven.

Our cost calculations are based on many years of experience in this area as well as our databases with cost estimates that are constantly updated from current contracts and invoices.

Cost management THROUGHOUT THE service phases OF HOAI

service phases 1-3

Cost calculation

Cost framework estimate
Cost estimate
Cost calculation
From service phase 3

Change management

service phases 6/7

Cost rate

Award budgets
Cost certainty for awarding contracts
service phase 8

Cost control

Comparison Budget | Commissioning | Supplements | Payments
Additional & reduced cost audit
Integration of costs | Changes to specialist planners
Change Order Review
Invoice Review

Cost calculations

Reliable cost control is based on realistic budgeting and reliable cost calculation from the preliminary design planning stage.

In order to achieve the necessary depth and accuracy, our in-depth cost calculations are prepared as early as possible as detailed elementised calculations in the third level of DIN based on a mass determination with element formation.

The basis are BIM models, dwg plans, building specifications, material plans, fire protection concept, building physics concepts, position plans…

The costs can also be reported according to trades and / or building components as required.


  • MS Access database developed in-house
  • Project-specific customised structure of database and reporting
  • Element-based cost calculation via construction elements with mass structure
  • Cost detailing down to the 2nd or 3rd digit of DIN 276
  • Ongoing updating of prices due to a high number of current submissions / final invoices entered
  • The costs of all other specialist disciplines (e.g. MEP) are integrated
  • Parallel queries according to cost groups / award units possible
  • BIM-based mass import as far as possible

Change management

In order to be able to track any changes in the project and their cost effects from the time of cost calculation, a consistent change and decision management system is necessary.

All changes to the project, client requests, optimisation proposals, etc. are priced and presented to the client for a decision, together with an estimate of the resulting scheduling consequences, construction cost developments and the fees required for implementation.


  • MS Access database developed in-house
  • Customisation to the respective requirements of the client and the project, both in terms of reporting and the form of data exchange.
  • Recording of all changes based on the results of the cost calculation in the form of project change reports
  • Information on impact on costs / deadlines / quality
  • Release and status lists
  • Integration of all cost groups / specialist disciplines via data exchange interfaces
  • Both one- and two-stage change notifications can be integrated
  • Release status and deadlines can be filtered in list form
  • Continuously updated total cost overview

Cost control / Claimmanagement

With the awarding of the contract to the contractors, continuous cost control begins with an integrated supplement system as a controlling tool for cost management.

The expected final construction costs are continuously updated with forecasts, providing transparency for the client and the possibility of countermeasures.


  • MS Access database developed in-house with project-specific reporting structure
  • Flexible data exchange for transfer to the client’s cost control
  • Continuous updating of cost control as part of project monitoring based on the award budgets
  • Supplement processing is part of cost controlling
  • Ongoing, up-to-date forecasting of the expected total construction costs
  • Reporting as individual presentation of addenda for approval and in list form
  • Overview of postings with access to each detailed posting process with record assignment (history is saved)
  • Filtering options (components, lots, booking centres, etc.)
  • Integration of all specialist disciplines possible

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