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Tendering & Awarding

The optimum procurement strategy must be found for each project in accordance with the current market situation.

Project and client-specific requirements and special design features are important factors here.

The scheduling dependencies must be examined and evaluated when analysing variants of the contract award.

Award types

Individual tendering procedures

Detailed individual tendering process
Consideration of all specifications and guidelines of the public sector
Integration of the “standartleistungsbuch”
Continuous updating of pricing through current submissions

Functional tenders

General contractor
Package tendering
Integration of room book possible
Supply of lead masses / bim models possible

Partnering procedures

Definition of construction target in the pre-construction team
Development of optimisations with the general contructor
General constructor-controlling in the further process

Identifying the optimum procurement strategy

The correct awarding strategy must be determined in good time during the course of the project and incorporated into the planning process
  • Drawing up and monitoring detailed schedules to control the preliminary planning work, contract specifications and award processes (MS Project)
    • Planning lead times
    • Link to the start of construction of individual trades
    • Percentage cost certainty before the start of construction
  • Creation of an award concept based on the cost calculation, creation of budgets for each award unit
  • Structuring of the award units, tender packages, trade titles
  • Determination of the award requirements, if applicable, in accordance with VOB and allocation of the award units with regard to the award type (national, Europe-wide, limited…)
  • Interface coordination, harmonised with the selected award type
  • Consideration of potential restructuring options for the award documents in the event of unsuccessful award type

Individual tendering

We create detailed individual tenders for all building construction trades, in particular for our public sector clients, and the integration of the “Standardleistungsbuch” is possible if required.

The award requirements in accordance with VOB and the division into award units must be observed with regard to the award type due to the threshold values.

Due to a high number of ongoing submissions, current market prices can always be used for pricing.

Functional tenders

The preparation of functional service descriptions for overall or partial general contractors is part of our regular service portfolio.

The integration of all trades and, if required, the possibility of flexible restructuring or subsequent division into smaller contract award units can be taken into account.

We create functional tenders with and without an integrated room book and, in consultation with the client, provide BIM models or reference dimensions as a basis for the bidders’ calculations.

Partnering procedures

The aim of a partnering process is to realise the project in partnership with the general contractor. The construction target is defined in the pre-construction team and optimisations can be developed together with the bidders.

In addition to preparing the tender documents and supporting and managing the tendering process, we provide quality control of the subcontracting and execution planning of the commissioned general contractor as well as quality control of the execution.

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