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Time management

Developing overarching scheduling concepts, integrating all specialist disciplines and updating these, taking into account possible influencing factors, forms the basis of our schedule management.

The continuously refined schedules enable structured control of a project’s processes and make it possible to develop countermeasures in the event of deviations or disruptions.

Our range of services includes scheduling the planning, scheduling the award of contracts and, of course, detailed construction scheduling for all trades.

Time management throughout the service phases of HOAI

service phases 1-3

Overall-Time schedules

Milestone schedule
Framework schedule
General flow chart
service phase 5

Scheduling of planning process

service phases 6/7

Scheduling of tendering process

Contract schedules for awarding
Planned delivery dates
service phase 8

Construction scheduling

Schedule controlling construction site
Target / actual comparison
service phase 9

Acceptance plan


Starting with a basic schedule, we create detailed bar charts at an early stage to map and control the entire project process.

The scheduling concept is gradually refined with the involvement of all parties. Precise development of the necessary links and dependencies between the individual services and service phases enables ongoing monitoring and,if necessary, adjustment/countermeasures in the event of deviations.

Scheduling of planning process

The planning phase must be structured with a detailed and coordinated “planning of the planning” in order to enable sufficient coordination of all technical participants.

Planning cycles and approvals are developed and monitored using the BIM datadrops.

Scheduling of tendering process

Analyses of the deadline dependencies are already required for the decision on the award strategy.

Necessary planning lead times, the structuring of the award units, tender packages and trade titles, if necessary with the definition of the award requirements in accordance with VOB A and the division of the award units with regard to the award type (national, Europe-wide, restricted, etc.) control the award process.

If necessary, cost certainties can also be checked and controlled prior to the start of construction through submissions that have already been made.

Construction scheduling

Based on the construction schedule and the contract schedules of the companies, the construction process is monitored across all trades.

Compliance with the agreed execution deadlines is checked by means of regular target/actual comparisons and performance status analyses.

Countermeasures are developed in the event of deviations.


  • Performance analyses
  • Target / actual comparison
  • Evaluation / rejection of obstructions
  • Evaluation of construction process disruptions
  • Construction disruption analyses
  • Scheduling and coordination of the executing companies and specialist construction managers

Tools of the VOB:

  • Notification of delay
  • Remedy request with deadline
  • Threat of order cancellation/recourse claims
  • Order cancellation and substitute performance
  • Contractual penalties

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